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All Is Well Multispecialty Hospital is an integrated healthcare service provider. We offer excellence in inpatient and outpatient facilities focusing on the comfort and safety of our patients and their loved ones. 

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Dr. Subodh Borle

 Dr. Subodh Borle

Name: Dr. Subodh Borle

Designation: Director

Dr. Subodh is the second generation surgeon from Borle family. From early childhood, he has seen his uncle rendering medical service in a small town of Maharashtra and treating the deprived ones. His after school hours till grade 10th would normally be spent in his uncle OPD and OT sowing the seeds of passion and catalysing the urge to become a dedicated medical professional with distinct skills.

An early family inspiration was perfectly supported by his father and mother who would continuously motivate him to become a doctor. With ceaseless efforts, indomitable spirit and blessings he has been bestowed with M.B.B.S from Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College and Rural Hospital in the year 2005. Since this was the rural college he has seen all the strata of rural India. After completion of Graduation, he has done his M.S. Orthopedics and D.Ortho in the next few years. To hone his skills in Orthopedics and to reach the pinnacle of Medical Education he has completed his McH in Ortho and Spine surgery.

Since his early days in the medical field, he would always devise his own path and would follow his heart. In his stint of M.B.B.S, he had made it very clear that he will render his service in that part of India where it is needed the most, eventually leading him to the city of Burhanpur.

He rendered his services and worked in Burhanpur with:

  • Borle Hospital
  • Apple Hospital

After working in a few hospitals he has gained prominence in the area and was quickly popular among the masses and rural areas. To ensure that his services are available for all the people he has set up his own “Borle Hospital” which very soon surpassed all the hospitals in Burhanpur to become a top-notch Ortho hospital. Since he has been destined to serve the needy and rural people he would frequently conduct the camps in villages and tehsil places of Burhanpur. With his uninterrupted service, he has become one of the Top Ortho Surgeons in Madhya Pradesh.

Any incidence, which can be quoted from patients:

There are several instances wherein relatives of the patient would touch his feet and as it is rightly said, “nothing succeeds like success” he has been reaching and achieving all the goals set by him.

To ensure that world-class facilities are provided to neighbouring districts and citizens of Burhanpur he has set up “All Is Well Hospital”. He has been serving the hospital with unwavering dedication and he is the Director of the trust.