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All Is Well Multispecialty Hospital is an integrated healthcare service provider. We offer excellence in inpatient and outpatient facilities focusing on the comfort and safety of our patients and their loved ones. 

Contact Info

Doctor Name Dr. Abhishek Sharma
Primary Specialty Reconstructive Surgery Department
Qualifications MBBS, MS, MCh.

Professional Experience:

  • Fellowship in Cosmetic Surgery and specialized training in microsurgery from a Prestigious Institutes, Mumbai.
  • Obtained specialized training in Cleft lip and Cleft Palate Surgery from USA.

Professional Experience:

  • Presently working at All Is Well Multispecialty Hospital, Burhanpur as Consultant Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery.
  • He has been in the field of plastic surgery for more than 18 years and is qualified as MCh (Plastic Surgery) and received his undergraduate, graduate and postdoctoral training & degrees from the various prestigious institute and Universities of India.
  • He is a renowned Cosmetic, Plastic & Laser Surgeon in Burhanpur. He had been attached to many renowned, prestigious multispecialty corporate hospitals of India throughout his career as a Senior Consultant and HOD in Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery. He is very well known in his specialty as an innovator, a teacher and as a sought-after Cosmetic and Plastic Surgeon.
  • He is one of the well-known Cosmetic Surgeons to be qualified & experienced to use Laser for Cosmetic Surgery.
  • Along with Laser procedures, he does nonsurgical rejuvenation of the face with Botox, Fillers & Mesotherapy.
  • In addition to his Laser specialisation, he has professional expertise in the fields of Breast Surgery, Liposuction, Abdominoplasty, Eyelid Surgery, Facelift and Rhinoplasty.
  • He is the known surgeon to perform large volume Liposuction (Mega Liposuction) for body reshaping as well as to help reduce weight permanently.
  • He is one of the very few Plastic Surgeons to have performed Sex reassignment Surgery & has gained vast experience in the field.
  • He also has training in plastic surgery to utilize computer imaging to plan Rhinoplasty & Facial contouring Surgery.
  • He is also trained in Thread Lift – Aptos/ Contour thread (non-surgical facelift) Surgery, Vertical Scar Reduction Mammoplasty & Sub-Fascial Breast Augmentation procedure in the country.
  • His attention to detail and commitment to the Art and Science of Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery has led to clocking over 6000 hours of continuing education keeping him at the cutting edge of the field.

Accreditation, Memberships, and Conferences:

  • He is accredited as a ‘Smile Train Surgeon’ by ‘Smile Train.’ This organization is supported and funded by the World Craniofacial Foundation U.S.A.
  • He is a senior life member of various medical and surgeons associations of India.
  • He has been awarded & honoured with a very prestigious professorship in Cosmetic /Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery by various associations.


Brain Surgery –

  • Traumatic Brain Surgery (EDH, SDH, Contusion and Hematoma)
  • Brain Tumour
  • Hydrocephalus
  • Surgery for Ischemic Hemorrhagic Stroke
  • Endoscopic Brain Surgery.

Spine Surgery –

  • Traumatic Spine Surgery (Cervical Thoracic Lumbar,
  • Degenerative Spine Surgery and Disc Disease Management.
  • Spinal Tumour
  • Pain Management
  • Endoscopic Spine Surgery

He has served as a Medical Casualty Officer and a Unit Head with experience in ICCU and the cardiac recovery unit.