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About Us

All Is Well Multispecialty Hospital is an integrated healthcare service provider. We offer excellence in inpatient and outpatient facilities focusing on the comfort and safety of our patients and their loved ones. 

Contact Info

Name Mr. Kabir Chouksey
Designation Director

Mr. Kabir Chouksey has been serving as the Treasurer of Anand Educational Technical and Vocational Society for five years, he is also the director of All is Well Multispecialty Hospital and Macro Vision Academy. Mr. Kabir has shown fearlessness and determination in serving people in the uncertain times that the world has witnessed during the pandemic. Since a very young age, Mr. Kabir works round the clock in the service of the people and has been recognized as a sagacious personality in the district of Burhanpur. 

After completing his graduation from Australian National University on a full-scholarship, he established Sir Taj Farms Training Centre in 2018, excelling in goat farming and educating farmers in and around the state on practical training related to goat husbandry.