All Is Well Group of Colleges

All Is Well College of Nursing provides quality education to nursing students, it is recognized by MPNRC, affiliated by MPMSU & approved by INC. All Is Well College of Paramedical Sciences is recognized by MPPMC & affiliated by MPMSU.


We believe that nursing and paramedical curriculum should be planned according to the health needs of society to meet the healthcare challenges by fulfilling educational needs of students for their all round growth and development.

The college also believes that all healthcare consumers should be treated with respect, dignity, and compassion.

The college faculty believes that learning is self-active and lifelong continuous process. Both learners’ and teachers are responsible for collaborative process of teaching and learning. Students are responsible for engaging in learning activities while faculty is accountable for providing suitable opportunities. The college believes that students must be actively involved in the learning process to acquire clinical proficiency and trained to perform various professional roles.

We believe in developing caring relationship with students that promote personal, academic, and professional growth. College believes to accept and attend every student as a basic learner, recognizing his/her potential and treat accordingly. 

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