Today science is discovering the profound benefits of Yoga and is being prescribed by medical practitioners, psychologists, and therapists. Yoga works on every aspect of the being – the physical, vital, mental, emotional, psychic and spiritual, bringing them into balance and harmony. Thereby, making the person function as a healthy, integrated whole.

Yoga benefits all people under all circumstances of life and all age groups. It enhances mental clarity, focus and creativity in a healthy individual. As a preventive measure, it will release physical and mental burden of daily toil.

We at All Is Well Multispecialty Hospital would like each one to benefit from this remarkable science and improve their quality of life.

Yoga sessions

All Yoga sessions are programmed on the basis of individual/patient specifications. Practices are planned in consultation with the doctors and rehab specialists.

What should I expect?

  • Promote body’s natural healing process.
  • Complement the treatment process by improving body functioning, soothing the nerves, enhancing oxygenation and inducing calm.
  • De-stressing body and mind.
  • Improved flexibility, immunity and stamina.
  • Increase in energy levels.
  • Decelerate ageing.
  • Cultivate positivity and enhance self-confidence.