Haematology is the study blood, the organs that are involved in its formation, and the diseases associated with it. Haematology covers the diseases and treatment of all the organs and components that are responsible for the production of blood in our body. They include the blood cells (WBC and RBC), bone marrow, haemoglobin, and proteins available in blood, spleen, blood vessels, and platelets.
The Haematology department at All Is Well Multi Speciality Hospital provides the best possible care to the patients suffering from acute and chronic blood disorders. We have haematologists on board to take care of the patients of all age groups. Our team of specialists, haematopathologists, lab technicians and trained nurses are well experienced and has worked extensively in their fields. We also have advanced blood banking services with platelets apheresis and other facilities essential for high-end complete haematological services.

We have strict protocols regarding the handling of central venous access devices. With a complete multidisciplinary team of specialists and excellent laboratory technicians, the hospital is geared to provide utmost quality care with empathy. Our team is suited to handle any medical emergencies and is available 24/7 for the service of the patients.