Core Values


Autonomy is about power and control over nursing practice. Greater autonomy for nurses improves patients care, patient satisfaction and elevates the status of the profession.


Accountability is an inherent confidence as a professional that allows taking pride in being transparent about the way he / she has carried out their practice. One must be personally accountable for his/ her actions and therefore place the emphasis on the development & demonstration of competence in practice.


Compassion refers to being close to patients & seeing their situation as more than a medical scenario & routine procedure. In the profession like nursing & paramedical sciences it is the fundamental element of care & reflex the strength of the profession.


Discipline is course of action leading to a greater goal than the satisfaction of the immediate. Discipline as whole imparting systematic and standardized care & to developed sense of honour leading to self-actualization and self-esteem.


Diversity is being aware of similarities and differences among the diverse client care of population in the area of health and illness. In the practice of nursing and paramedics it is imperative that we should understand concepts such as culture & multiculturalism & their influence on health and health perceptions, while providing health care for the individual as well as the community.

Human dignity:

Human dignity is respect for the inherent worth & uniqueness of individuals & populations in the practice concern for human dignity is reflected when every patient is being valued as a person.


Integrity is an understanding and knowing oneself entirely and completely (physically, mentally, spiritually & emotionally). Professionals need to know and relate to others in a holistic manner which will serve as the basis for providing quality care by being respectful, honest, ethical & morally justified.