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All Is Well Multispecialty Hospital is an integrated healthcare service provider. We offer excellence in inpatient and outpatient facilities focusing on the comfort and safety of our patients and their loved ones. 

Contact Info

Doctor Name Dr. Shahnawaz Ahmad Malik
Primary Specialty Pediatrics and Neonatology
Qualifications MBBS, MD (Pediatrics)

Professional Experience:

  • Dr. Shahnawaz Ahmad Malik is a Consultant Pediatrician at All Is Well Multispecialty Hospital, Burhanpur.
  • He brings with him 10+ years of clinical practice experience. He is determined to provide outstanding service and care to children, listening to parents’ concerns and treating them for overall well-being.
  • He is well-versed in executing annual physical examinations, vaccinations,  routine testing, and health programming, including for newborn, child or adolescent health, sexual and reproductive health, and HIV prevention and care.
  • After his post-graduation, he gave his services to the Health Department of Government of J&K as a consultant Pediatrician cum Medical Officer. 
  • He has attended over 1500 deliveries and has also performed successful newborn resuscitation as well as managed pre-term babies including surfactant administration and ventilation care.
  • He is proficient in performing various invasive procedures like placement of peripheral and central venous lines, lumbar puncture, laryngeal mask airway, endotracheal intubation, nasogastric tube, and thoracotomy tube for tension pneumothorax. LP, umbilical catheters, cranial tap, plueral tap, and peritoneal tap as indicated.
  • He has attended to and managed a number of pediatric emergency cases including cases of meningitis, seizures (including cases of status epilepticus), encephalitis, AFP (Guillain barre syndrome, transverse myelitis etc.), cerebral abscess, TB meningitis, ADEM, respiratory emergencies like status asthmaticus, severe croup, pneumonia, lung consolidation, foreign body airway, various gastrointestinal emergencies like AGE with moderate to severe dehydration, intussusception, intestinal obstruction, GI bleed, acute viral hepatitis, acute liver failure, peritonitis etc.